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July 05, 2017


The jewelry game has always been about women's jewelry and rarely about men's jewelry.  Because of this, us guys tend to forget jewelry even exists and we don't consider buying it for ourselves.  The only time we think about wearing a necklace or bracelet is if it's given to us as a gift.  However, if you check out the latest fashion in any men's magazine, you will notice more and more men adding a piece of edgy jewelry to compliment their outfits.

I'm not talking about wearing a huge chain with a clock or box of cereal around our necks or even a bracelet with huge diamonds on it.  We can leave that to the rappers and rockers.  Wearing one leather bracelet can make you feel like a rockstar.  It's so simple but adds that little bit of edge.  One of my favorite pieces to wear is our Roosevelt necklace as it has a distressed look about it.  If you are looking for distressed jewelry, check out our site.

Men's jewelry can be found anywhere these days, but you may only find one or two display cases in a boutique or department store.  Shopping for jewelry can be so unnerving.  So, consider shopping online.  There are many options.  Start simple and see what you think.  As you start feeling more confident you can try picking pieces that are more bold and make a statement.  Just make sure that you do you.  Make your jewelry fit your style!