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The Brand

KOZA set out to redefine the world of high end jewelry. We combine industrial jewelry design with exotic and luxury elements such as black diamond and stingray leathers to create truly unique pieces that have a masculine look with a hint of flash. Our pieces are designed to fit any occasion, from hitting the strip in your leather jacket to suiting up for a meeting. With our signature men's bracelets and men's necklaces, let us add edge and class to your look. 

Inspiration for our pieces come from the simplest forms of industrial design. We believe that we are all on a journey of countless steps to build our dream and empire and we have incorporated this line of thinking into our jewelry. Much like a skyscraper is built by a single screw at a time, each of our pieces are hand crafted and given special attention through quality and detail. Each of our pieces is designed here in Los Angeles, CA.