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June 26, 2017

Lets face it, we’re in the midst of summer 2017 and chances are you’re spending your weekends drinking a crisp Long Island at a bar by the shore pondering your next power play. Or maybe you’re locking eyes with the petite blond across the bar thinking of a pickup line to win her over. Chances are, in-between you and little miss sunshine lies twenty other dudes who look just like you… or at least dress just like you. You’re more of a white tee and ripped denim kind of dude, that’s fine, but the time has come for you to season your outfit with some quality jewelry. We’re going to give you some advice on how to freshen your outfit with some edgy jewelry so the next time you catch yourself gazing at a pretty young lady, she’ll be well on her way to throw you that one-of-a-kind Pinterest inspired pickup line.

Here are the few ways to add some substance to your outfit:

1. Necklaces

The key to wearing a men's necklace is to keep it simple. A nice chain with a cool pendant or layering two necklaces can give you a nice way to break away from that plain tee or tank and add boldness to your outfit. You can rock our Wilcox Hook pendant for a day out at The Bungalow or The Hughes necklace if you want to wear a statement pendant to the local lounge.  

2. Bracelets

By having a statement men's bracelet or stacking a few of them together, bracelets are always great to add character to your outfit. Times have changed from guy's just rocking the traditional watch and calling it a day. These days bracelets are a great way of expressing yourself and stacking them allows you to truly create your own style. 

Create a statement with our Hearst bracelet available with stingray leather

3. Rings 

Another piece of men's jewelry that has been trending are rings, and we aren't talking wedding rings. You can rock a single one or stack them up as well. Either way it is definitely a way to set you apart and add character to your outfit. Again the key here is to be simple, we wouldn't be rocking a tacky skull ring out here in LA. 

There you have it. These are a few ways you can add on to your summer outfits. Try them out and experiment.